The workshop

The NEuroscience Workshop Saclay (NeWS) is a scientific event organized for and by young scientists, students and postdocs in neuroscience at the Paris Saclay campus. This event is sponsored by the NeuroSaclay initiative which fosters exchange between the neuroscience institutes of the Paris Saclay campus.

The inaugural 2014 NeWS workshop aims to bring together world-class scientists and young researchers just starting in the field of neuroscience, to share exciting breakthroughs in brain imaging technologies from the microscopic to the macroscopic scales.

There is no registration fee, but advanced registration for the workshop is required.

Thousands of ways to image the brain

Imaging technologies have significantly evolved during the recent years impacting all fields of brain research. Moreover, novel techniques and analysis methods continue to appear at a rapid pace. Through a selection of international speakers, the NeWS workshop will give you the opportunity to learn about recent advances, new techniques and neuroscience applications of brain imaging in a wide range of domains.

While different imaging techniques (e.g. confocal/2-photon microscopy, fMRI) tend to develop independently, it is also true that they often share similar problematics (e.g. spatial precision, image analysis, embedding of imaging in a behavioral context). Hence, the NeWS workshop is meant to be as open as possible and speakers from very diverse fields were selected. By bringing together scientists with various expertises the NeWS 2014 workshop will give you the possibility to learn about how certain challenges may be solved in different fields of imaging, which we hope could nourish everyone’s research.   

Giving the floor to students and young scientists

The NeWS workshop aims to foster interactivity and interactions between students / young scientists and senior scientists. Therefore young scientists are very much encouraged to submit an abstract to the conference.

8 abstracts will be selected for 10 min oral presentations. These presentations will take place during all sessions, interleaved with invited lectures. The talks will be selected according to the quality of the abstract and its relationship with the topic of the conference (however, because the topic is very general, all interesting neuroscience abstracts will be considered). The student presenters are invited to attend the conference dinner with the plenary speakers.

The abstracts not selected for an oral presentation will be presented in a poster session and will automatically enter the poster competition. A surprise prize will be awarded for the best poster.


So don’t be shy, grab the opportunity and come hear about great science and discuss your results!


 The organizing committee of NeWS2014 workshop.


Breaking news

30/11: Download the program at a glance here!

27/11: The final program is online! And all accepted abstracts are here. See you next week !

13/11: Registration is now closed. We are excited to see all of the participants at the conference!  

31/10: New submission and registration deadlines! Please submit your abstract and register to the conference before 04/11.

30/09: Our flyer is now available! Download it here!

29/09: New submission and registration deadlines! Please submit your abstract and register to the conference before 02/11.

20/09: Opening of the website! Let's go to the abstract submissions and registration to the conference !

Key dates

20/09: Opening of the website, abstract submissions and registrations

04/11 02/11: Submissions deadline

04/11 02/11: Closing of the registrations

10/11: Acceptance notification

04-05/12: Workshop


Don't hesitate to download, print and post our flyer!


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