Organizing committee

This event is organized by students, postdocs and young scientists in neuroscience and imaging for neuroscience at the Paris Saclay campus. The NeWS worshop is part of NeuroSaclay Idex that gathers well-known institutes of the south of Ile-deFrance area and specialized in the neurosciences: Neurospin, CEA Saclay center, UNIC and NED, Gif-Sur-Yvette CNRS campus and CNPS based in the formerly named Paris-Sud University in Orsay. We hope you will enjoy this first NeuroSaclay Idex scientific event and that the exchange between young and confirmed neuroscientists will foster new scientific ideas leading to improved neuroscience knowledge.
On behalf of the organizing committee of the NeWS2014 worshop:
Gabrielle FOURNET – PhD student in MR imaging, NeuroSpin
Eugenia VILARCHAO – PhD student in VSD imaging, UNIC
Nicolas DRAY – Postdoc in cellular imaging, NED
Jessica LEBENBERG – Postdoc in image processing, NeuroSpin
Jaco SITT – Postdoc, clinical neuroimage markers, NeuroSpin
Brice BATHELLIER – Group Leader in in vivo imaging, UNIC
Luisa CIOBANU – Head, UHF microimaging, NeuroSpin
Philippe VERNIER – Research Director CNRS, NeuroSaclay Project Manager, NED
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